Jul 26, 2021

Publication of project results

“Coffee pads- Innovation in the mono-portioned coffee market” concluded with project result pubblication on Sinergie Management Research. The research team presented the results at the conference Sinergie-Sima 2021 “LEVERAGING INTERSECTIONS. IN MANAGEMENT THEORY AND PRACTICE” (10-11 June 2021. Palermo, Itay).

“Coffee Pads” aimed at the design and prototyping of two new products for the single-serve (single-portion) coffee market. These products do not require the use of plastic, aluminium and extruded casings. They are made of 100% renewable bio-based, compostable and waste materials from the Calabrian agro-industrial chain.

(Italiano) Indice grafico della Pubblicazione

Nov 19, 2021

(Italiano) Evento finale del Progetto Rafael

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Nov 5, 2021

The Green Growth Community at the Circular Week 2021

On 14th October, the Green Growth Community took part to the Circular Week 2021 by INNOWO, organising the online webinar…

Oct 9, 2021

Circular Week 2021 – Webinar CUEIM-Sinergie: “How to connect research and sustainable business: The role of knowledge networks in enhancing circular economy”

DATE 12.10.2021 online – HOUR: 14:30 – 17:00 CEST  The webinar “How to connect research and sustainable business: The role of…