Mar 1, 2022

MedArtSal event: Towards a sustainable development of salt flats in the Mediterranean

24 March h 09:00
25 March h 18:00ù

Movenpick Hotel du Lac a Tunisi

Fair of the MedArtSal project Towards a sustainable development of salt flats in the Mediterranean“.

The ChambreTuniso-Italienne de Commerce et d’Industrie, with the cooperation of all the MedArtSal consortium, is inviting you to the next fair of the MedArtSal project, on the development of more sustainable salt production in the Mediterranean area.


Feb 24, 2023

MedArtSal project at Sleiman Salinas in Anfeh, Lebanon: A successful path towards economic and ecological sustainability

In an effort to understand more about the work that lies beneath Lebanon’s ancient salt Salinas and the support provided…

Feb 16, 2023

MedArtSal: the thematic clustering workshop on “Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism in the salinas” will be held in Tunisia on 22nd and 23rd February 2023

The Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MedArtSal partner, is organising three thematic clustering workshops in the framework of the…