Dec 18, 2017

ALGENCAL – A project for a complete advanced energy system based on mass cultivation of microalgae in transparent photobioreactors to competitively and ecosustainably produce renewable energy and other products



The project aim is to conceive, model and consolidate a complex massive cultivation industrial system of microalgae, possibly oleaginous after an activity of prototyping and revision on field. The main goal is to obtain a sustainable energy output (e.g. bio-gas and possibly new-generation bio-fuel) without excluding other products such as nutrients, fertilizers, etc.


The project envisaged multiple activities for the achievement of its functional goals.

In 2012, the activities were substantially based on study & research (especially undertaken through pilot test and laboratory experiments) and project design & planning along with activities related to design, arrangement and preparation.

In 2013, the start-up activities were implemented. Revisions and improvements of the project design along with the identification and the strengthening of a general model were carried out.

Intended for

The project is co-funded and monitored by the Ministry of Education, University and Scientific and Technological Research (MIUR).

Research Output

The implementation phase of the research project have produced semi-annual progress reports as support of the concrete experience. At the project was also linked the first level Master’s program with University of Calabria (UNICAL) sponsored by the Ministry of Environment (MATTM) and Reggio Calabria Confindustria, associated with the project.

In this context, the CUEIM has published a specific scientific work and organized an event in order to present the project experience.