Dec 10, 2017

Fish Man Place – Sustainable fishing in our seas

FISH-MAN-PLACE project made by the Research Center IMPRESAPIENS of the “La Sapienza” University on behalf of the Ministry of the Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy.


The Mediterranean Sea is almost completely enclosed by land; in particular, in the North it is surrounded by mountain ranges very close to the sea area. The species who live in the Mediterranean sea are in overlapping fishing areas where it’s really difficult the management of resources.

Methodological proposal

We started from the study of excellence cases in the food sector selected through an analogical method considering specific aspects of the fishing sector, in order to identify an innovative and efficient organizational model.
The analysis focused on the comparison of the typical dynamics of this sector, the direct experiences and some field interviews in order to identify an organizational model useful to increase the potentials and the commercial capacity of the fishing sector.
The principles guiding the project are those of the management, including transversals ones such as environmental sustainability and social and economic sustainability.

Realization of a model supporting the decisions and the enterprises strategies within the fishing sector.
An immediate tool addressed to workers in the sector with the aim to orient them in the exploitation of the fishing production chain.

The general goal is to promote the fishig sector along with new and innovative methodologies in a more sustainable perspective. The idea is to create a new model of management and organization enhancing the domestic production.


1. Analysis and collection of successful experiences
2. Impact assessment on the fishing sustainable production
3. Guidelines for the workers in this sector.

Research Output

1.a. Identification of the main food supply chains and their organization in Italy.
1.b. Definition of the criteria for the model.