Our governance is dualistic, based on the the College of Account Auditors appointed by the Assembly and on the Board of Director appointed by the College of Account Auditors. Therefore, the CUEIM bodies are:

  • Assembly
  • College of Account Auditors
  • Board of Director
  • Supervisory board

The Chair of the Board of Director has the legal representation according to the article 7 of the Statute.


The Assembly, consisting of all CUEIM’s associates in all categories, expresses the will of the various bodies that form the network, including general oversight of the direction and progression of the Consortium’s activities.

The assembly meets in ordinary session once a year and in extraordinary session whenever required by the Advisory Board of Trustees or a minimum of one-third of its members.

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College of Account Auditors

The College of Account Auditors is responsible for overseeing compliance with the law, the Statute and the principles of correct administration.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the ordinary and extraordinary running of CUEIM on the basis of the guidance of the Advisory Board of Trustees.
It consists of between 5 and 7 members, and has a tenure of five years.

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Scientific Committee

CUEIM’s Scientific Committee is the body which contributes to shaping the policies and safeguarding and enhancing the cultural heritage accumulated during the Consortium’s thirty years of activity and research. It fosters the necessary integration between the institutional fields, draws up guidelines for documents and scientific output and ensures the crucial integration between Branches, Universities and the commissioning institutes.

CUEIM’s Scientific Committee Chairman is Prof. Gaetano Golinelli, Professor Emeritus of «Sapienza», University of Rome.


College of Account

The College of Account Auditors is responsible for overseeing compliance with the law, the Statute and the principles of correct administration.



The Director actively collaborates with the President in order to verify the achievement of the organisation’s objectives, and to facilitate the coordination of branches and activities
with the consequent benefits of synergy. He is therefore a figure responsible for the coordination and optimisation of all operational and planning activities, to make them more effective and functional in terms of the corporate aims. In conjunction with the President, the Director oversees the organisation of human resources and acts in full technical and administrative autonomy regarding decision-making and management.

The Director is Prof. Gaetano Zarlenga


Organizational structure

Over time, CUEIM’s operational structure has undergone a number of changes in order to facilitate the achievement of its objectives.

Today operations consist of a project-based organisation, planned and managed by the dedicated Acquisitions and Project Management Areas, coordinated by the Director and consisting of the heads of the CUEIM Area (Energy and Environment; Innovation and Smart City; Social policy, natural and cultural Heritage ) and the head of administration.

Coordination between the various sections of the operational structure is constant, both in the planning phase and the execution phase of projects.

Jun 9, 2021

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