Aug 10, 2018

CIrClE 2018 – Challenges for the Islands in the era of the Circular Economy

20th - 22nd September 2018 - Chania, Crete

A three-day Conference,  CIrCLE 2018 , will be held in Chania (Crete), under the auspices of the European Commission.

The Conference aims at bring together stakeholders from different countries, highlighting cross border cooperation, enhancing bilateral & multilateral relations, strengthening economic & business opportunities and promoting growth, sustainable development and circular economy practices in the islands and coastal areas of the Mediterranean.

In the framework of the Conference, the CUEIM, partner of the Interreg MED horizontal Project SYNGGI – Synergies for Green Growth Initiatives – Energising the Impact of Innovation in the Mediterranean, together with the Interreg MED Green Growth Community is organizing the Business Forum which will give the opportunity for a unique business meeting session of many companies related with the following topics: Circular economy, green growth, eco-innovation, innovative waste management schemes, energy efficiency, RES, smart cities, innovative “green industries”.

During the session, institutions, businesses and policy-makers meet together to exchange their views for transforming ideas into business opportunities, supported by innovative funding – financing tools fostering Circular Economy business models and eco-innovation. Among other, the session includes:

Good company practices & live demonstration
Funding – financing tools supporting CE business model
Market opportunities towards circular economy

All the intersted stakeholders will have the opportunity to participate at the event and at the Business Forum through the Registration at the event.
Here, the agenda of the event.

For Conference live streaming please follow the link

May 27, 2019


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