Sep 26, 2022

MedArtSal will take part in the “Sinergie per la Blue Economy nell’Area Mediterranea. Il Programma ENI CBC MED” event

4th October 2022 – Rome, Lazio Region, Piazza Oderico da Pordenone, 15 – SALA TIRRENO (Building C, II Floor)

Sinergie per la Blue Economy nell’Area Mediterranea. Il Programma ENI CBC MED”                                                     
An opportunity for discussion to promote the development of a cross-border innovative ecosystem in the blue economy field

On October 4th, the ENI CBC MED project MedArtSal will take part in the Thematic National Event “Sinergie per la Blue Economy nell’Area Mediterranea. Il Programma ENI CBC MED”, realized by Lazio Region, vice-president of the ENI CBC MED National Committee, in cooperation with Apulia Region, co-president of the ENI CBC MED Italian National Committee and National Contact Point.

Particular attention will be given to the blue economy and marine ecosystems sectors, which will be analyzed at various levels with reference to the development of a sustainable economy and through the thematic priorities of the ENI CBC MED Programme.

During the event, together with other ENI CBC MED standard and strategic projects referents (COMMON, FISH MED NET, TECHLOG, MYSEA, HELIOS, YEP MED), CUEIM, MedArtSal Lead Beneficiary, will have the chance to share the project experience in the artisanal saltpans ecosystem in the involved countries of Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain and Italy. It will explain the realized activities while respecting the environment and the biodiversity and the contribution to the diversification of the local communities’ development opportunities through its 15 pilot actions.

Furthermore, during the event, the topic of Blue Economy will also be dealt with in relation to the European Union policies, from experiences and strategies already in place in the Mediterranean region and within the framework of the upcoming NEXT MED 2021-27 (

It will be a hybrid event: onsite (Rome – Lazio Region – Sala Tirreno – Building C, II Floor – Piazza Oderico da Pordenone, 15) and online (Lifesize web platform).

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