Feb 5, 2019

MedArtSal, Sustainable management model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas

CUEIM is the lead partner of the European project “MedArtSal – sustainable management model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas” selected for funding within the european programme ENI CBCMED 2014-2020 with a total budget of € 3.2 million and an EU contribution of € 2.9 million (90%).

The project deals with the economic, environment and governance issues connected to the Salinas across the Mediterranean, promoting the development of a sustainable management model for the artisanal salinas.

MedArtSal involves 8 partners from 4 MED countries: Spain, Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon.


Associated partners:

  • Identify those areas susceptible to economic and environmental challenges for the geographical distribution, socio-economic value and biodiversity significance.
  •  Define sustainable solutions, promoting management policies or procedures throughout the determination of critical elements for salinas development
  • Develop and test tailored management solutions in several case studies and pilot actions
  • Foster collaborations on B2C (resident and tourists) and B2B (GDO and HO.RE.CA) markets, promoting a SME cluster per participating country
  • Build network among local producers and businesses to develop public-private cooperation
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Development of sustainable management model for artisanal salinas
  • Pilot actions for artisanal salina development
  • Marketing
  • International networking
Intended for
  • Artisanal salinas/Artisanal Salt producers/SMEs
  • National, Regional, local Institutions
  • Universities/Research centers
  • Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, NGOs
More info

Martina Vallerotonda, Project Manager, CUEIM

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