Sep 25, 2019

XII National Conference of Environmental Sociologists in Italy

Università degli studi di Salerno, 26-27 September 2019

The XII National Conference of Environmental Sociologists in Italy, titled “Politics, Ecology and Society in the Anthropocene”, will be held on 26 and 27 September 2019, at the University of Salerno with a focus on the organization and re-organization of political, social, and ecological relations within the era that some scholars define as “Anthropocene“.

This concept is not assumed uncritically and the Conference wants to underline the “movement” it brings, from the point of view of the quality of socio-ecological relationships, and from the point of view of the epistemological and methodological aspects that drive research and knowledge production.

For CUEIM will be present Mrs. Stefania Spadafora who will discuss the relationship between Antropocene and Human beings – Environment and Tourism, during the session “Il turismo nell’era dell’Antropocene“.

Conference Scientific committee: Alfredo Agustoni, Aurelio Angelini, Marco Castrignanò, Enrico Ercole, Alfredo Mela, Giorgio Osti, Luigi Pellizzoni, Lauro Struffi, Enrico M. Tacchi, Anna Maria

For more information, please see the programme of the Conference.

Oct 8, 2019

JUNKER, l’App per la raccolta differenziata

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