Nov 7, 2023

CUEIM announces the birth of an Italian Good Business ecosystem

The 27-universities consortium announced the creation of a national network to create a community to share replicable models and experiences, which will make the path to sustainability smart, efficient, and competitive.

Rome – Nov. 7, 2023 – CUEIM – A consortium of 27 universities announced the construction of a national network to create a community to share replicable models and experiences in order to make the path to sustainability smart, efficient, and competitive.

“After the birth of The Good Business Academy, an initiative that received the support of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security (MASE) within the framework of the project “Culture and Training for a Sustainable Future,” we have decided to communicate a new ambitious project step that will give birth to an Italian Good Business ecosystem,” says Gaetano Zarlenga, Director of CUEIM. “The main objective is the creation of a national network in which we will work with a “quadruple helix” approach that will have the enterprise at the center, which will dialogue with institutions, the world of research and civil society”.

Constructive comparisons, best practices and experiences will be systematized in what will become a multi-actor platform to move in the direction of Good Business. A genuine community that can share business models and governance practices that can inspire examples and make the path to sustainability not only feasible but also driving.

The multi-actor digital tool that CUEIM is already working on will make possible the exchange and networking between different actors, such as companies, institutions, or associations According to the principles of sustainable development, enable the sharing and dissemination of results, good practices, and project materials to develop new partnerships and synergies between institutions and stakeholders, including those already involved and new members.

“The direction will not be generic sustainability or attention to the environment alone, but an integrated approach that looks at company-specific situations such as leadership, managerial attitude and a company’s approach to individuals and all stakeholders. A real cultural transformation process has already been initiated by The Good Business Academy and masterfully recounted by Paolo Braguzzi in his book L’impresa for Good” says Gaetano Zarlenga, Director of CUEIM.

CUEIM Director Gaetano Zarlenga at the Creating Shared Value in Territories Event: research, innovation, sustainability promoted as part of the CNR Centenary

Full Article at the following link:  Il CUEIM annuncia la nascita di un ecosistema italiano del Good Business | Comunicato stampa | iPressLIVE

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