Nov 16, 2022

“Days of emerging technologies for sustainable security” 14 e 15 November

SICURA, the House of Emerging Technologies in Aquila (Italy)

The event took place in L’Aquila on Monday 14 November, in the auditorium of the Gran Sasso Science Institute, and on Tuesday 15 November, at the Tecnopolo d’Abruzzo and saw the participation of numerous guests, including authorities, representatives of business realities of the territory, Italian industry and the academic world.

Two days of meetings, round tables and scientific debates with representatives of the world of academia, institutions and Italian industry on the issue of infrastructure, environmental and city safety, through the use of Internet-based solutions of things and artificial intelligence, with specific attention to the theme of “cyber security”.

In the foreground the Sicura project financed by the tender of the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise) with the aim of carrying out experimentation, applied research and technology transfer projects based on the use of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT), thanks to the development of new generation 5G networks. Partners of the Sicura project are also Gssi, Comune dell’Aquila, Zte, Wind, Cueim, Itc-Cnr.

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