Nov 15, 2022

MedArtSal at the ENI CBC MED Training Event on Project Closure in Barcelona

How to keep focusing on best results and long-lasting impact towards MED SMEs sustainable development.

Last Tuesday 8th November CUEIM, as Lead Beneficiary of the ENI CBC MED MedArtSal project, took part to the Training Event on Project Closure for Lead Beneficiaries of the ENI funded projects located in the West Mediterranean area held at the Hotel Catalonia Eixample 1864 in Barcelona (Spain).

The event was organized by the ENI CBC Med Programme in order to provide its funded projects with detailed information about practices and procedures for a successful completion of the project activities, final reporting and communication activities and to present the new Interreg Next Med 2021 – 2027 Programme. To this aim several presentations were shown by ENI CBC MED Managing Authority, Joint Technical Secretariat, TESIM ENI CBC and BO Valencia experts and two questions time sessions were foreseen in order to clarify the most relevant aspects.

The meeting was an inspiring and useful occasion for MedArtSal representatives to learn more on how to successfully keep focusing on the project best results and long lasting impact on MED people towards MSMEs sustainable development.

It was great opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with all the projects of the ENI CBC MED community, but also an exciting and challenging occasion to start discovering the new Interreg Next Med 2021 -2027 Programme.

For more info about the event find here the detailed programme.

For more info about MedArtSal project visit the official website


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