Dec 20, 2017

Res Novae – E–Renewable Energy and Smart Grid

RES NOVAE, “A real case of integration with several Smart City solutions”

Project Management: ENEL Distribuzione
Scientific Coordinator: ENEA
Project Timing: 32 months (from 01/11/12 to 30/06/2015)
Call for proposal: “Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation” (PON R&C – MIUR)
Budget: 24 million euro
Partner: Asperience, Enel, General Electric Transportation Systems, Elettronika, IBM Italy, Polytechnic of Bari, National Council for Research, ENEA, University of Calabria

2012 - 2015

Three goals:

  • Smart Cities Competency Center, are search center where will be monitored, studied and analyzed the new operating scenarios of low-voltage network.
  • Smart User Network electrical island, which integrates sources of renewable energy production and storage systems.
  • Urban Control Center Data concentrators where information from distributed sensors and home/building monitoring systems will convey in order to supply information about resources and energy consumption.

Achievements of the project:

  • Promoting the use of energy from renewable sources;
  • Streamlining flows and energy consumption;
  • Energy efficiency and development of new products and services for the citizen;
  • Awareness on energy consumption;
  • Creation of a modern national system of control with innovative features and
    management of energy resources available to the Public Administration;
  • Raising awareness on environmental issues;
  • Participation in the development path of the Smart City;
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Activation of new scientific and technological competencies through training courses.

SINERGREEN – COMPONENT A: SINERGRID -architecture definition of Smart Mobility, Smart Communication and SIB. In the course of architecture study of the module ESM&DSM big data and learning machine techniques. Design of the first prototype activities on M2M, energy monitoring and SIB

COMPONENT B: SMARTGREEN- studies on use of solar energy, dynamics of Stirling motor. Configuration of components of the system, collection of parameters for analysis and evaluation of system performance. Check of materials to employ and check of foreseeable reliability at mathematical level. Regarding the training module the envisaged training activities are pursued and from the month of April 2014 the launch of the university Master course.

RES NOVAE – SMART GRIDS: ENEL Skills Centre realised for analysis of LV network models.

SMART DISTRICT: defined the BEMS hardware/software platform and planned the architecture of the Energy and Service Hub and the data collection component.

URBAN CONTROL CENTRE: completed the indicator control panel, analysis of business intelligence and in the course of realising the energy registry.

DEMO BARI: Identified the Showroom D and Urban Control Centre realisation locations.

DEMO COSENZA: Concluded the Urban Lab CreaCosenza Meta-project with the realisation of a “Smart Street 3D model”.

TRAINING: issued from UNICAL the band of enrolment for the Refinement Courses ad activated by POLIBA four Research Doctorate programmes.

Intended for

Public Administration, Municipalities of Bari and Cosenza, city person.